Thursday, April 10, 2008

Zoho Writer (Online Word Processor) Sucks!!!

Yesterday I was looking for an alternative to Google Docs, and then after some research found a quite large website which offered heaps of different online tools similar to what Google Docs does, but with much more functionalities. I've read some reviews about these guys and though I've noticed some people say that they are bugs, I didn't pay much attention to this as no one talked about any particular bugs.

Oh boy I wish I would be more cautious with my choice. It cost me about 3 hrs of wasted time. I tried to use their Zoho Writer application but it completely stuffed up my text formating after I've copied a file from Microsoft Word 2003 into Zoho (using their Microsoft office suite Plug-in) . I'm a technical person and consider myself an expert in these things, so I've tried to do many different things to get my formating working, but it just wouldn't work. I even tried to remove the formating completely in my Word and then slowly reformat it bit by bit by making headings bold again etc... but even after that Zoho didn't display it right. Now on top of that when I tried to Publish my file to make it accessible by anyone on the web, the file would only be displayed properly in Firefox, and the IE would display an empty page (and after some changes a very poorly formated version of my file)

I read some post which suggested that Microsoft would buy ZOHO :) I don't think so.

Anyway, I've tried Office Live Workspace after that and although it's pretty basic at the moment it seems to be MUCH more stable. Now, I still had problems with formating but at least after removing formating in Word, and reformatting it again, it all worked fine. Be careful with coping and pasting text or tables directly from the web into your word, as I think when you upload it back to Office Live, it stuffs up the formating when it is displayed back to you (as your web browser recognizes those tugs which you've pasted into your Word and in your Word you may not always see it)

So, treat this as a warning. If you value your time, DON'T USE SOHO!

Please leave your comments if anyone had same experience.

Also does anyone know more full featured applications which are stable?

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