Thursday, April 10, 2008

Koh Phangan Hotels/Resorts with Wireless Wi-Fi Internet Access

I was recently traveling to Koh Phangan, Thailand, and had a problem with finding a good resort with wireless internet access. Since I had to do some work on my laptop, this was a prerequisite. So, this post is for those who experiencing the same problem.
After some research I found several hotels which had wireless internet, in 2 of which I’ve actually ended up staying:

1. The Sanctuary
I’ve stayed at the sanctuary for a few days but found it to be too isolated. It’s located on the east coast just above Had Rin, and the access is only by boat. Also, their internet seems to be on an off all the time. They are aware of this problem, but say that it’s just the way it is. The location is beautiful, however all bungalows and houses located right in the jungle (few minutes walk to the beach). Those who may be afraid of natural wild life at night may be better off looking for some other alternative. Oh, and also, everything at Sanctuary is dramatically overpriced including both food and accommodation.

2. Hansa Resort
Since I wasn’t happy with isolation in Sanctuary I’ve moved to Hansa. It is a really nice small resort comprised of 10 bungalows located right at the beach at the very beautiful spot at Ban Tai. The view is gorgeous, accommodation and prices are good. See:
Staff are attentive, though don’t speak much English, thus may bring you a totally different thing from that which you’ve requested. Internet works well and is much more stable than Sanctuary. It’s mid way between Had Rin and Tong Sala, and close to 7/11, natural Buddhist monastery sauna, massage places and restaurants. There is also restaurant on sight, which is not bad. I would certainly recommend Hansa to anyone; it’s a great place and location.

Also, if you are not on a budget or looking for a good honeymoon, then I’ve heard a really good feedback about Santhiya resort, which is located on one of the most beautiful beaches. I haven’t stayed there but was told that they have Wi-Fi internet. Though, keep in mind that it’s far away from Had Rin and Tong Sala. It’s very, very pricey, and is an absolute top end resort, but you can try finding good rates through, as this website compares over 30 of major reservation sites at once. Check it out on:

On the different note, please be aware of eating seafood in non-seafood restaurants. Don’t do it!!! I’ve got a very severe poisoning in one of them (Bot Ahoy), so did other person I’ve spoken to. Only eat seafood in busy sea food places, and only when it looks and smells fresh.

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